Fei's Birthday Video

POSTED BY WK2U ON 6/04/2009

Happy Birthday to Kwai Fei~ Thanks to u for inviting me to ur party. It's an enjoyable night, and i did a lots of try out for my photography skill during ur birthday party, thanks for giving me the chance~

Fei's Birthday

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Thanks to Falcon Hive For this new templates. I like it very much~ All the design credited to Falcon Hive

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How to Out of Body?

Posted by wk2u On 4/12/2009

How to out of body? This i also don't know did it work or not, did it really exist such things or not, but from a lots of those who success before, they all admit it, and most of them are doing almost the same thing to out of body. They did mention that you can fly, can travel to some where in a second by just thinking of a place or someone when you are out of body.



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In 1959, at William Dawes Elementary School in Lexington, Massachusetts, a time capsule containing the students' drawings of their ideas of the future is buried and set to be ceremoniously opened 50 years later. A girl named Lucinda Embry contributes a page full of seemingly random digits. That night, Lucinda is found in a school closet, where her fingers are bloodied and she complains about hearing voices.



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this christmas i think might be the most simple and happier christmas i ever had~
in the pass... i know i miss a lots, but start from now on, i won't do it again~
everything was a good start~
i had to make OoShopper more better~
i had to create my carrier ~
start to build my dreamz~

from now on~ Rex Dream Rex Build~ (Sorry, copying from Monkey see monkey build~)

chrismas Eve~

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Yesterday nite, Christmas Eve~
Like usual, i just stay at home. No hang out, no celebration ~
Ah Ying call me again...
she was sad... she just break up with her another one~
nothing i can do for her, so i just talk and talk... talk about my history, talk about others story...
i don't know why she always calling me lately, but what i know is i don't want to hurt her again. i don't want to give her any wrong message...
i end up the call more earlier then usual. that's the only thing i can do, let her calm down and think about her own self.

in a night like this, i miss what which had already pass...
thinking of her, thinking of panda girl~

my brain is full with this kind of message~

white christmas ar...white christmas...

so...another kind of feel~

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i think panda girl heat might over already...
i still will miss her...
but i think i manage to control over my self again...
maybe there is a chance for us to be possible, but i'm sure not now~

these few day, Ah Ying keep on calling me in the middle of the night...
already few day, even today she still sms me, ask if i able to chat with her...
i don't know is she still 'hunting' me or what... but she is a nice girl.
just i not suitable for her.

sometimes feel like we are just a character in a story which plan by SOMEONE ~
everything was a destiny, already fix...
everything will going as it should be
but i will not follow the storyline easily. i will create my story
i want to be the author of my life, even thought i know it might not easy for me to jump out of the frame, but at least i can manage to get to the center of the frame, make my self more visible~

Mission Fail

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Seem like i fail again.
I did send the 2nd last rose to her...
but i don't she gonna accept me from the situation right now.
she didn't replying my sms, ignoring my question...bla bla...
so, i think i not gonna to send the last rose~

maybe she find out the trick already or not..
don care lar...
Gan Wu Nan like me should be stay at home, doing my geek thing
stay out from the outside world~
stay close to the net~

Net give me the most comfort~
Tata panda girl~

Two more left

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So far, till today
5 @>--- @>--- @>--- @>--- @>---
2 @>--- @>---
1 @>---
3 @>--- @>--- @>---

two more left to go...
i not sure i want to continue or not...
i worried if we don even hav chance to be like this anymore...

feel like i scare to lose her...

really want her to know how i feel about her, but i scare to let her know ...

till now i think she kinda slow down the step d, this few day also i was the one who start the topic for chat...

she will keep silent till i sms her...

hopefully everything going well lor...

still planing, what should i do next, after these @>---

happy and enjoyable journey~

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today, again~ i go to kampar to settle the house renting problem.
i went out about 12pm then come back home about four thirty.
minus the 1 hour i waste at bank, half our on the contract, so, total i used 3 hour to go n back from kampar... incredible...
i also cannot believe it~
seem like my theory was right, taiping to kampar just cost about 1 and a half hour nia... not as ah beh mention, at least 1 hour 45 minute..
if i can drive faster, mayb 120KM/h then i think i can get to taiping in more shorter time d~
i totally follow the rules, 100-110km/h only ar...

today i feel kinda strange, i din feel dizzy or not well when driving...
last time when i was visit kampar, i mean last monday...on the way back, i think i have at least half of the time i was driving dangerously...
i feel not very well, very dizzy..

but today, i just think of what should i send to her , what should i talk to her when i get back.

cause today i din even receive her single sms...

miss her very much...

i cannot pull out my plug now, i think the current is already on~

miss u babe...


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My Plan

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So far, my plan...
for the @>--- sending
5 @>---@>---@>---@>---@>---
2 @>---@>---

till 0~ 4 more have to go~
i think i might going too crazy this time...
i think i serious with her...
i think she might don't know how am i feel..
i think she might know i did threat her differently
everything was going so sudden
i was not prepared well
i not sure what i am doing now will cause what to happen next
but at this moment, i think i fall for her


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My Mushroom dear dear~
she sms me yesterday, since last time , i think about 5 month ago, we din really sms or calling each other but just some forward message.
i think she might get angry of me or what, i not sure. cause woman heart are always that mysteriously and horrible, plus i directly told her about the impossibility between us, i think that was really hurt... but i have to do so, i don't want to give her false information about the relationship between me and her.

ok, back to the sms. she sms me and tell her she is nervous, something happen to her father. i think, as a friend or anything else as a human being, i should call her and help her out. I won't able help her in physical, but at least i can give her some support. so i just call.

her did sound really really not doing well at first. and i didn't know what to do at that moment, but just asking about her situation. I start to redirect every topic then to something that may make her relax, as usual i do...talk nonsense ~ talk about something impossible or not even exist~ make her not able to focus too much on her thing... at least for a short moment...our conversation take about 30minute till she have something to follow up for her father case.

i don't know what i can do for her.. but what i can do now is, wish her everything could going well soon~ take care...

Namewee Lyrics Contest

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比賽名稱: <<麻坡的情歌>>改詞大賽
比賽地點: 網路上
主辦單位: 黃明志自己
協辦單位: 又是黃明志自己
贊助廠商: 沒有人(不好意思)

<<麻坡的情歌>>是<<麻坡的華語>>抒情版, 此歌曲在網路上流傳了 一個月, 雖然獲 得各路網友的好評, 但大部分網友還是接受不了歌詞的部份, 並有許多網友建議改歌詞, 黃明志也突然奇想, 發起這項改詞比賽, 希望透過網際網路的力量, 向各界邀詞, 並從中選出冠軍一名. 獲的冠軍的歌詞將取代現有的 <<麻坡的情歌>>原版歌詞. 重新上傳至youtube網站.

1. 增進業餘填詞人之間的互動交流. 2. 拯救這首好聽的曲子
毫無規則可言, 不限主題, 不限表達方式, 連歌名都可以換掉.請大家盡情發揮!

世界各地喜歡創作的人, 會用電腦的人, 不在乎獎品的人, 喜歡跟討厭黃明志的人. 或者不喜歡也不討厭黃明志的人均可.

評 審: 還是黃明志

總分 100分

獎 項:
冠軍一名, 得獎作品將取代 <<麻坡的情歌>>原版歌詞, 被重新演繹後, 上傳至youtube網站, 並在 “作詞人” 欄位換上冠軍得主的名字. (這就是獎品了)

歌詞版權: 歌詞版權屬於作詞人

請將歌詞寄至 namewee@gmail.com, 並附上姓名和聯絡方式

報名截止: 2008年12月25日(聖誕節)

公佈得獎日期: 2009年1月5日前

我不是Hip-hop Kaki 但朋友都要我Rap來聽
我沒有 做錯事情 阿曼請喝Kopi
我沒有罵死力 但我可以載你去看奇景
我們可以去釣魚 去吃燒米
我真的要用麻坡的華語 來告訴你我西北Suka你
我要載你到Wetex對面 一條小路走進去
我真的要用麻坡的華語 來告訴你我西北Suka你
只要跟你一起 我下定決心不爬樓梯
我不是Cina Babi Pantat Mangkok Kuih Koci
也不會 半夜去找阿瓜 陪他們踢penalty
只要能在一起 你一定發現我turbo夠力
你不愛我 我不會去勉強你
我真的要用麻坡的華語 來告訴你我西北Suka你
我要載你到Wetex對面 一條小路走進去
我真的要用麻坡的華語 來告訴你我西北Suka你
只要跟你一起 我下定決心不爬樓梯
唱國歌要起立 打野戰被抓到請他喝Kopi
只要在一起 我一定遵守規矩

Namewee Lyrics Composing Contest
I feel kinda interested with this~ but i'm not doing for this contest, i doing this for her...
so i try to ask her n see weather she did listen to this song before or nt lor...
wowo~ luckily, she didn't~
then i think it's my time to strike ~ haha~
still thinking on how can i write this song to our song...
and can make her touch~
i hope i can done this before Christmas lar... so i can send this song to her on the christmas eve~
Good plan, right?
Below got 1, i test write punya song lyric~ haha
我不是Hacker Kaki 但朋友都要我Hack來看
我沒有 hack 过sdo,但偏偏却band ID
我沒有core 2 duo 但我可以track 到你的ip
我們可以qq 去msn
我真的要用太平的華語 來告訴你我西北Suka你
我要載你到tesco对面,那个taiping sentral
我真的要用太平的華語 來告訴你我西北Suka你
只要跟你一起 我下定決心不再hacking
我不是email hacker,更没有偷看你email
也不會 半夜去逛cari 陪他們潜水去
只要能在一起 你一定發現我灌水夠力
你不愛我 我不會去勉強你
我真的要用太平的華語 來告訴你我西北Suka你
我要載你到tesco对面,那个taiping sentral
我真的要用太平的華語 來告訴你我西北Suka你
只要跟你一起 我下定決心不再hacking
去larut要小心 打野戰被抓到請他喝Kopi
只要在一起 我一定遵守規矩

Sms-ing her~

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We keep on sms-ing each other... But don't know why, start from last two day, she slowing down her step... Seem like she feel bored with me already or what...
No matter how ... i will keep going~
i keep on giving clue to her, that i'm still looking for suitable target for my self
she seem to be not get it at all... or maybe she don't want get it...
i think she still wondering am i the same kind as other...

i got ask her about how she getting my number and all those thing...
but she reply just see it from school magazine when she tiding up her thing..
this one i not really accept...

i giving her a nick name, panda bian zi girl~ haha
she said she have a very serious panda eye, but to me ... i think ok nia~ she still look cute with it~then bcause her photo at the school magazine showing me her hair style~ haha
very funny but Kawai~ hair style~ 辫子头~ some like the character in the school rumble~
my first reaction when i saw that photo is.... Kawai-e des ka~

then i got ask her about others guy on the bus....
and i get to know... vincent also interested with her... luckily she seem like nvr border about him~vincent did ask for her number, but she just in return ask back vincent number but nvr call him or sms him~ at this moment, i think i added mark d~ haha

so... yesterday nite, i end up my sms with her with 5 @>--- @>--- @>--- @>--- @>---
i think this is the first time i come out with this kind of idea~ haha
something i feel to be romantic la....
5 @>--- @>--- @>--- @>--- @>---
2 @>--- @>---
1 @>---
3 @>--- @>--- @>---
1 @>---
4 @>--- @>--- @>--- @>---
don't know will she get my meaning or not....
tonight will continue with 2 then 0 then 1314

Penang Trip 2nd day~

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It was another day then~11 Dec 2008~
Nothing much happen this day~
We went to Gurney Plaza 1st ~ having our breakfast n lunch there~
then they go to the snooker / pool center at there to play~
as usual, this kind of game not suitable for me, so i juz observe ~
and take photo~

Fei Zai Zhun Shoot

Gareth Shoot~
Jayness Flying Shoot~
Vincent Stylish Shoot~

After 3PM~ we leave Gurney, or i can said that we leave penang~ cause the following destination are not place of our choice~ they bring us to china street of penang and chocolate reseller shop~sien.... we juz stay at bus, sleeping~

We arrive at taiping around 6 pm~ unluckily, i thought i can hav more time to chat wit her...but.... my dad arrive there to pick me up d...so...i just wave my hand then say good bye, that's all~

i feel very regret about what i am doing... i think i miss the chance at the first place...


one day after that, 13 Dec 2008~ i suddenly receive her sms~
i think my chance is coming ~ my luck is coming~

The following story coming soon~

Penang Trip 1st day~

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Don't know why... i thought i give up to blog already... But today , i feel like i have something to share... it's was a really great time, 10Dec2008-11Dec2008 i join a trip to penang.. at first, i thought the trip will just like another stupid trip lo... it was great to know a great girl, who did really give me a good impression about her, and she did make me feel different when i chat with her..
Doraemon at the QueensBay Mall

I think doraamon make the trick~ haha~ it was a quite boring trip at the first place, cause i just have 6 common friends there... 6 Guy walk around the snake temple.
I did touch this snake o~ Very 'geli'~
Our Snake Hero~ Jayness
Another Snake Hero ~ Gareth

After the Snake Temple, we went to the Queensbay Mall~ So far, i still doesn't have any chance to make a closer contact with her yet... still keep the distance~ But what i know is, at least 4 among this 6 guy confirm interested with this girl... that time i still doesn't have such thinking yet.. Still looking for something i can hunt for...

QueensBay Mall

We having our breakfast + lunch at the QueensBay food court~
the food was extremely KNS....
Not for human...Somemore the services there was damb 'GOOD'...
We just having a walk around , meet with doreamon, go skate field looking ah moi then go to the arcade ~ Next station~ Prangi Mall This mall consider a lousy mall la.... something like sg wang, bt lousy then sg wang~ Jayness get his e-laconic bracelet there~ RM 90 .... forget to take pic... ai ya.... We having our tea + dinner there, Wong Kok Kitchen~

Look At Gareth Face~ U will know how is this thing taste... hahaJayness VS Gareth~ unluckily, Jayness Win

Ding Dong~ Next Station, Sri Sayang Resort.

Sri Sayang Resort

This resort i think i been there before when i was form 3 or form 4. With Hao Liang and Sin Yein them... Seem like very familiar, but not so sure. I still remember that trip, which i get to know Pei Ling~ A sweet and cute girl who able to make two guy to fall into her trap... unluckily, i'm one of the guy~ Maybe it was too long time ago, so i was not quite remember what happen that time. Ok , back to this trip. We put down our luggage and get change. Then straight away go to the seaside there~ Cause there will be a bbq session~ I think it's their chance for "Ice Breaking" since the bbq was so hot~ haha. First we get to know this 2 girl, king yn and sin yee~
king yn was more friendly..but unluckily have bf already, so totally out of their list directly,
sin yee was sweet, but over protected~ 90% of the guy keep on tailing on king yn, because she is really too friendly~ too nice to be friendly~
King Yn & Sin Yee

Soon After a short moment, i try to talk with another 2 girl, 1 huey yong another 1 hooi yong~ Both seem to be like a very good girl and very very protected~ So, no chance for them ~
Dono y, Hooi Yong ask me a very strange question,
i straight away mati ..... how could she possibly know what type of ppl i am by just from my first impression~
at that moment, i feel like, start to like this girl~
Hooi Yong

Bt... i just get her back side photo, nothing else.... she really don like ppl to take her photo, so i didn't shoot her...
but our conversation was great, she did really make me feel very comfortable~ i like this kind of feel~
so ... for not to screw up our relationship... i do a very stupid decision~
don't ask for her number... cause i worried this may make her think that i just another guy who join the trop to kao lui nia...

Sin Yee Again not facing the cameraFei Zai Zhun
Vincent d S.H.

About 12am~ Every1 back to their own appartment~ so as i~
But after back to room, those guy plan n did go to those girl appartment... At first i thought i might follow them 1... but i didn't go with them in the end...
i end up playing with my ooshopper source code in the room~
but around 2 am, i went there and check out what they doing there...
guess what i saw? no girl.... juz a few guy planying card game there... girls all hiding in their room... haha~
Seem like these girls was more better then i think~ haha

Rex Dono what to do....

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very stress ar... dono what to do already.
Company web site do till "ban tian diao", sister's web site only did the interface also take me few month d...
now is the hard code part... pening kepala...
keep on trying to hand on new thing, keep on missing some1...more then 1 some1...
dono what will i bcome in the future, don't know what i will face in the future.
canon fair dono can be done or not...

feel like want to find some1 to tell her everything of mine...
but so far, doesn't hav such boring person who like to be my listener...

i find out my self very very very memboringkan.... no wonder every girl also scare of me lr....
i also want to be more interesting more active, but sometimes, i can't change my nature.

feel like want to go out, but lazy to do so when there is a chance....

keep on searching n find for the right 1 who is suitable for me~


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Last Saturday, whole the day, i think i just install two streamyx account for customer, the rest of the time i was just enjoying or just wasting the time.

From 1pm i go out to install the streamyx till 5 pm, only two customer streamyx account had been setup....but really because of some difficulty.... that stupid customer thought without telephone line he can connect to streamyx!!!!!!! OMG.....so geng....so i had to wait him go buy a telephone line for me to do the connection.

at first i go tesco just to stay there for a couple minute ... but that susan ...tarik me go to join dono what ah bu neh neh contest...

i join the contest with suria, making a draw by using colorful rice on the floor~
very lucky~ we get third~ got thirty ringgit voucher to shopping at tesco~

and then at 8 something, susan tarik me again to join another contest....
i also dono wat contest, but i just join ....

c my hand
i get an consolation prize ar~ hhehe~ Number 6~

Happy Birthday ~ Ying Ying~

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I wondering y, this is the first time i feel nervous when wishing happy birthday to someone~
yesterday night, about 11.56pm, i call her, ying ying~ and then just straight away to the main reason i call her~
Happy Birthday~
And i feel very nervous...feel don't know what to say~
maybe this is the first time i call her~
maybe i was just found out another people who is so many thing common with me....
i really confuse...

Run Away From Home

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I think i will never thought of it... cause i'm too depend on my family to support me for everything.
but today, early in the morning, i had waken up by my mom, my sister missing already.
i never see my mom so nervous, so lost... so i just wake up n without asking, take my car key and then go searching for her...

half of the taman i had searched...but i can't find out anything.
i return and ask mother weather there is anything missing from my sister room, cloths or what...
but she just tell me no, nothing missing, even her shoe.

so it might be a kidnap i thought....

but after a moment, she did find out her cloths did missing...(#$%^&* make me worried....)
since there is some cloth missing, mean that this is not an accident....it's a plan.

i want to continue help searching, but because this case might involve things between my father and mother, maybe father bring her to other place or what.....

i also don't know what can i so...i feel so helpless...

but at least now it's not a kidnap, so i can take a nap first before my father give me any reply...
i was really really tired...

after a several hour ... finally father come back...
he didn't know anything about my sister run away from home!!!!

where could she go?

at last, nothing we can do now, so my parents just go and make a police report...

know what happen, they saw my sis at kopitiam near by the police station........
with a bag of cloths..........

i also don't even can imagine that she will have such courage to do such thing...

Format Two Laptop in just three hour~

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Yesterday i just receive a sms from my x lao po zai~ She ask help from me to help her to fix her fr laptop. ... .. . wow~ a chance...hehe....
so i just agree~
she was not a beautiful girl, but i like the way we threat each other~
i thought we can hav a long conversation...but dono y, when we meet up, i had nothing to said.... -.-||
i just pick up the laptop from her then drive back...the duration we meet up is not more then 3 minute......omg...what am i doing?
now the problem is.... is it possible for me to fix two laptop in just these few hour?
she want it before tomorrow....
when i went back, i find out that the laptop juz formatted...but with the wrong way......=.=|||
so i decide juz to format it ... completely...
luckily with drivermax, and acer ftp site, i can finish it so smooth...so fast....three hour nia~ huh~
but.......because of this two laptop, today, again my project hav to put a side again....
no mood to do...
think to buy a N78 , keep on worried about continue study , worried if i can't find a good place to stay at kampar, worried if in the middle both my parent quarrel again, then i might need to stop study.....................
TOOOOoooo.... MUCH TO THINK.....

A new start for my web blog~

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Dono since when, i started to post those fake thing on my previous blog...almost 99% of the things happen to me already cover up. I start to write something which is good , sound great to me...
but when i look back on it after that, i feel like i juz cheating my self or maybe some1 else.
so i decide to start a new blog, a true new blog for me to write down my memory~

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