Fei's Birthday Video

POSTED BY WK2U ON 6/04/2009

Happy Birthday to Kwai Fei~ Thanks to u for inviting me to ur party. It's an enjoyable night, and i did a lots of try out for my photography skill during ur birthday party, thanks for giving me the chance~

Fei's Birthday

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Thanks to Falcon Hive For this new templates. I like it very much~ All the design credited to Falcon Hive

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How to Out of Body?

Posted by wk2u On 4/12/2009

How to out of body? This i also don't know did it work or not, did it really exist such things or not, but from a lots of those who success before, they all admit it, and most of them are doing almost the same thing to out of body. They did mention that you can fly, can travel to some where in a second by just thinking of a place or someone when you are out of body.



Posted by wk2u On 4/23/2009 05:39:00 PM

In 1959, at William Dawes Elementary School in Lexington, Massachusetts, a time capsule containing the students' drawings of their ideas of the future is buried and set to be ceremoniously opened 50 years later. A girl named Lucinda Embry contributes a page full of seemingly random digits. That night, Lucinda is found in a school closet, where her fingers are bloodied and she complains about hearing voices.


What you resist is what you persist

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today, i really know and tasted the feel of "what you resist is what you persist"(Law of attraction).
I resist from that girl, that i earlier know at the tarcian forum, and today, i saw her again in cari forum with a different nick. But i just ignoring her.
The book i look for a very long time, i think since the day i know about the law of attraction, today come to me, from a old friend, a long time didnt contact friend. Thanks.
sharing the link here with all of you who wish to know more about the law.


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yesterday, Fei Thian Birthday...
I join them to yam cha at mm....Yam cha again... Luckily till 2.00am only..not 4..
I actually planned to wake up early in the morning for my practice for the Blender tutorial... but from 9, i keep on laying on the bed, till 10.30am...
now already 11, but i still havn't touch any of those video of tutorial...
Need to improve my self for these killing knowledge, i would believe future programing will never be as simple as just 2D GUI, all will come to the 3D as most of those sci-fi fiction movie, you can wear those 3D spectacles on, and then msn, play games... on the 3D hologram image that project into your mind, from keyboard, to touch screen, and now multitouch, plus the Wii interactive control, i believe the next step would be more impress.
Back to topic, so tired today, more tired than that day, till 4am. Even watch movie also no mood now...Thinking of an concept for my own project, something will related to 3D programming. Any Blender fans out there? Can teach me modeling?

Eye Of Kampar VS West Lake

Posted by wk2u On 7/25/2009 11:59:00 PM 5 comments
Today, having dinner with Ah Jia friends and susan. After the dinner, we have a walk at the "Eye Of Kampar" fun fair. From some source of info, this is the first time having this kind of fun fair at kampar. This group of fun fair already been going to taiping since don't know how many year ago, every year also will go taiping, this time is the first time for kampar, to earn student money. I think the boss of the fair miscalculate something about uTARc, those who choose to study at here, usually because it's not expensive, compare to other places, but if you think that these "poor" student will spend a lots of your fair, i think you are misjudge. Plus the fun fair was too "lauzy"... I will rather keep my money and visit genting by the end of semester if i really interesting on these games.

Ok, after the walk of "eye of kampar" we went to West Lake lake side... Just chit chat there, see people dating there, see kids playing around, taking picture, and see people cycling. I think here better than the "eye of kampar" even though here doesn't have any games or else, but the environment make people comfortable. A very good place for dating, but also a very dangerous place, because it's too dark, and anything could be happen in a second.

So, when we plan to leave that time, it already 10.10pm, our gathering time with the cari member is 10pm... haha...we late. I drop few of them at the mamak, then send ah jia back to kampar perdana, then go to Jalan Perak to fetch Ikan...then only gather with them at mamak. Only 8 people gather this this, minus me, mean 7 lor.. Lazy to type out all the name, plus i worried i type the wrong one then will kena nanti... We chit chat until 3.30am... Whole the night listen to ghost story, then susan trick to get men's heart...Then most interesting thing for them is the sex topic, they all get so high when talk about 69.... -.-"

Refreshing Morning~

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Wake up early in the morning, because i thought there was a tutorial class this morning. Outside is raining heavily, and the air was so cool, so refresh~
It's a new day for me, time to go on, leaving those burden.
So i watch the drama, 烈火雄心~ I feel like i found another piece of my self in the movie, really, lots of common attitude, behavior of mine with the 王喜. The way he manage his relationship with his gf, the way he solve his difficulty...
I wondering this kind of way to handling life is right or wrong, but i would believe there is more of this kind of species exist in this world, it's just depend on how and when you apply these "formula". If you apply it on the perfect time, right people, then you consider right, but when you are applying on the wrong time or wrong people, you are digging your own grave.
I did once, or maybe one and a half, but wondering the next will be a grave or gold mine...
Time to go on...bACK to the Positive ~ Law of Attraction~

About few hour ago, i know someone from a Tarcian forum, so, we are spamming around most of the popular threat. At first i thought he was a guy, so i didn't care, i just shoot and shoot n shoot... then suddenly "he" ask me to leave my msn, so, for me, sure i won't leave my msn there, i will ask him to send me his one, and "he" did it.
So i just search through facebook, and then add "him", so as my msn.
know what happen next, we start to chat, and i start asking those noob question, wa... ur display picture so cute ar, bla bla, ur dog ar...

Her : Ya...
Me : For sale ?
Her : ya... got fr want to buy can contact me...(bingo, i think i hav a hit here)
me : haha...i just now search through google and saw a site about u selling dog (hope for bingo again...)
her : o...
me : which state you came from?
her : Y should i tell u?
me : ok lor, i go google...(hopefully she would tell me)
her : i hate people search for my personal details without asking my permission...

lao eh... what is this mean, threatening me lar...
i was so so so #$%^&* by that time, i really think of just google for her detail, since i have the ability and tools for that, but for what...?
so i give up... better not knowing this kind of protected animal.
I think this is the first time for me to know this kind of people online...
I just quit of this game... dont want know this animal.

This make me remind back about someone i know before, also another protected animal, who feel so unsecured with everything of his life... I try to know him, but he never allow me to. Feel like he have lots of friends, but no one he can really believe or even talk personally with. I dont know how is him now, but the last update about him is about three year ago, he having a cancer, and he try to avoiding people to know, avoid people to resist him, but yet he lock him self up, suffering alone...
If he still there and see my message here, i hope he may contact me. Even though we not good friends, but i believe we still can be friend.
So, about this girl, i dont know what is behind this, or i am thinking too much ... i dont know u r protected because want to be just protected or because you are hiding something, but i really dont like this kind of game... i quit... one game is enough for me...it's a heavy burden...

Try with Fake Macro

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Just finish my OS test today, finally got mood to blog again, the test ...okok lar.. but i done some careless mistake...argh...
So, i follow those forumer tutorial, i go and grab a magnifier glass, to do macro photography. The magnifier glass was more expensive than they mention in the forum(or i buy at the wrong place), but never mind, just give it a try. I try to shoot... at first i thought it's my own problem, to not getting a perfect result, or maybe i choosing a wrong subject to shoot... but i find out that the magnifier glass was not strong enough(maybe) so i might need to try for another glass. Or should i directly go and grab a reverse ring? (don't know where to buy one)
i attach the sample picture i just take just now with the magnifier glass on from of my lens.

Vegas Pro 9.0

Posted by wk2u On 7/19/2009 06:36:00 PM 3 comments

See~ the welcome loading screen of the Vegas Pro 9.0~ Look pro as it should be~

Out look of it's box~

I haven't start editing with this piece of software, but i think it more then enough for a newbie user like me, for those who are interested to try out an video editing software, you may grab a piece of this, there is trial version available out there~ hehe~

Cheat In Biotronic(Facebook)

Posted by wk2u On 7/19/2009 01:59:00 PM 2 comments
I'm not that good for gaming, so i decide to choose another way of winning the game~
I believe those who playing facebook games may sit there whole the day, trying to beat some of their friends record, to me, i may never break those records, cause i easily tired with games. So i try to cheat the game. Lately i addicted with this game, Biotronic.
I try very hard to beat my friends record, but after a day or two, my rank will drop again...argh...for a geek like me, dont like losing a game, so i choose another way of playing the game rather then play by the game~ i play Cheat~
i try very hard on my own, but the highest i can get not more then 200,000...
but now, with the autoplay software... hahah...see my score~

For those who interested with the hack, you may google for biosolver~ hehe~

Soon Siong Birthday Photo~

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Meet With Susan

Posted by wk2u On 7/17/2009 10:31:00 PM 3 comments
First time meet up with my forum friend at kampar, susan. Actually i didnt aspect to meet up like that... haha... she suddenly pop up infront my house... Surprise lor~
Luckily she didnt got to the wrong house, else other people sure will be more surprise~
She just totally different with her photo i see at her facebook, photo sometimes did know how to lie, but sometimes they make u worst. From her photo, i really believe that she kind of silent in the reality, but very talkative when going online to the virtual world. But the first sight of her already proof that i am wrong, she is a talkative one, or in a better word, friendly one~
So, tonight we having dinner together with my housemate.

XY Birthday~

Posted by wk2u On 7/15/2009 11:30:00 PM 1 comments
Today is XY birthday~ BLur blur de, she already 21~
Yesterday night we have a surprising celebration for her. Kenji, purposely come here to celebrate her birthday~ Kenji is her surprise for her 21 birthday~ Everything was run smoothly according to our plan, we celebrate with her, then suddenly Kenji pop up and give her a kiss (i got photo for this). Because of her 21th birthday, so we request them to have a 21 second kissing session, whole the process was recording by KL's 5800 ~ Wooo... I did take a few shoot, but still not yet process, even after process also cannot post here...XY was so high, crying, laughing, talk non-stop... Really never see her like this before~ Then they start drinking after the cake...Drink beer, play games....
Then went to mamak about 2.49am, till 3.xxam...
This is the only time i sleep this late at Kampar. Whole the night i shoot about 400++ photo... need lots more time to process.

Today, dinner at the 2in1 steamboat, then just send Kenji to the train station~
Finally left half hour for xy birthday, so... Happy Birthday blur blur eh zha bor~

Snap snap~

Posted by wk2u On 7/14/2009 09:00:00 PM 3 comments
Just now edit with the picture i took last weekend when i back to hometown, i realize my skill for composing really need to improve, especially for portrait~ When i browse through those portrait i shoot previously, and i did find out something, i lack of creativity. Most of those good angle or shoot, usually is what i follow other people's style. I really need to work out for my own now. Need to shoot more shoot hard.

K lar, share two of the picture i already process... Changing style of post process, hope all of you might like it~

Guitar Fever..

Posted by wk2u On 7/11/2009 11:46:00 PM 3 comments
Wondering why, today i suddenly pick up my old guitar, which just left 5 string on it, and play with it. At first i thought want to buy a whole set brand me string for it... But after a few second, i make up my mind to grab a new guitar, and this time i will learn it till i master it. Hahah... sound crazy, but, i did go and grab for a new guitar by the same day...

I feel like i might be serious for this time, still remember last time, i just attending the class for two month, then after that i learn from friends, but i learn nothing at all, then i switch to piano, then back to computing and electronic...

Now, all back at the point, electronic already not on my list, but just photography, computing and music... actually there is more on my list, but right now only these on progress. Hopefully this time it may last longer~ Need to start working hard to kill my time with these thing, plus may working soon, i worried i may have no time for all these...


Back to Taiping

Posted by wk2u On 7/10/2009 11:39:00 PM 3 comments
Today, Ahya KL pp n DJ ponteng class... All because of home sick, plus dont want to attend the kindergarden java class. That lecture really not good at teaching, plus i wondering how much she really know about java. k, dont judge about her. So, left me n xy attending her class with the rest of the classmate. One hour of the class i just sit there doing nothing, and judge about her answer for the question she give. I believe xy who sit beside me also cannot tahan of me already.
After her class, we went for the UTAR mind V don't know what exibition, whole the exibition just like the career fair we have at tarc before, there invite those company from outside and having their booth there and explaining about their things. Know what i saw and find out in the event? The law of attraction. Actually it's with another law which i dont really believe yet, the law of vibration. I did believe that there may have such thing that vibration of the atom and molecul will affect each other, but the way they relate the law of vibration with our life, and the law of attraction, i dont agree. During the walk of the exibition, xy just keep quiet nia, i believe she blur with what i am talk already.
After the last class of today, i went back, and still considering i wannt to go back or not.
Finally, i make a decision about 6pm. This week, i choose to go back.

Soon Siong Birthday

Posted by wk2u On 7/09/2009 11:25:00 PM 2 comments
Today was soon siong birthday. Actually really dont know what gift for him, and dont know how to celebrate with him. But suddenly wondering which share folder send the idea, go sing K at A-Box. Cause i remember he said he never been there before, so, i believe it's a good choice.
Everything was according to plan, we go after the class. 4Pm the class end, and we all rush back and change our cloth, i pula go take a bath..haha...So, everyone was waiting for me...
We arrive at his place about 4.25pm, then the A-Box just infront of his appartment, so, no rush needed~ He also blur blur with what we are doing, but i know he sure have some clue already. So.. no surprise i think.
Then ahya n DJ already ready the cake before we arrive at the A-Box, so this is the surprise i think~ hehe~ But something we miss out in the calculation...He is a banana just like pp, he dont know how to read chinese word.... -.-| how to sing k?
So we just pick more english song to match with him. He just sing 1 or 2 song only, because most of the song he dont familiar, and shy to sing. The cake part come after the servent ask us to pay for the bill, ahya responsible to take the cake in, and what happen next is usually something as usual, sing birthday song, eat cake, take picture, make wish... Why no cut cake? haha(u will know why after saw the pic of the cake)...i post the photo after i download it from my mmc later, so the photo will available later. (Not so soon)

OBE minded again...

Posted by wk2u On 7/08/2009 10:15:00 PM 0 comments
After that night, the night where i have a long long night, i feel like i want to try to practice back my OBE thingy again. Not because i want to fly out and see who, or see what, i just want to know more about my self, know more about this world. Still remember the first time i have an almost success that time, the line i saw, Give your heart, but actually i like it in " Surrender your heart ".

I not sure who is giving this message to me, it's from GOD, or from a frienemies ? or my self, high self, don't care, but i just concern , how... and why?
It's a long long way... who will be with me?

About my shoot...
My moon shoot was still have to improve... i can see some of those from the forum doing more well with the same lens and same camera. This few day have few assignment to pass up, so no time for the shoot. Next time lar...
But the product shoot, i lack of creativity. I shoot like noob... sad..


Posted by wk2u On 7/06/2009 11:38:00 PM 3 comments
Tonight, after dinner, i was enjoying the time shooting the full moon out there around the housing area. Then i went back into my room happily with those photo i had taken, i still picking up which to post, which not to post...

Suddenly, someone knock my door...

AhYa n Karlim was there, and they bring me a news that i don't know want to happy or to be surprise or maybe scared? They tell me my mom will come here tomorrow....

!!!!!What!!!!!!!How she come? WHo fetch her here? OMG .... i was sick ler...

Everything i was doing just now was all pause, and put a side. What i think of these few day had been come true, i miss my mom so much, till she want to come here and see me, but in another way i dont want her to see my sick face, i rather she come at another time where i not sick, and at least have no plan, or assignment at that moment.

Really don't want her to be so tired also, cause i know she don't like bus, she cannot stand with the long distance bus journey. She also cannot let go everything there, my sister, her husband, even for a single second. No choice, i had to use the highest power or priority, call my sister and ask her to talk with mom.

I know i was almost recover, but i really don't know what am i will be tomorrow, cause usually my sickness will tailing me for two week, from my previous experience. But anyways, i have to stop her, after my sister call, i call to mom, and try to talk with her in both soft and hard way, know know she not good at lying, she said she want to visit me not because of i am sick, but i can tell that she is lying. I manage to hold her fire, for the moment, i guess.
Whole the surprise should be end here , i think...

Another news for UTARIAN or TARCIAN

Dear Friends,
A UTAR student named Liew Hong Leong has suffered serious injuries in an accident on 28th June 2009. He’s now admitted to hospital and need to undergo an urgent operation.
Your donation is needed to cover a huge amount of medical expenses. You may make your donation at DSA, Block C or Cafeteria, Block C at 11am-1pm and 2pm-4pm starting from 7th July-10th July 2009.
Please forward this email to your friends.

Picture sharing

Full moon tonight with color balance adjusted

Original full moon shoot

Shoot this last few day, the book i borrow from Utar Library


My harmonica

Test finish, Sickness away~

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So, today test was easy as i think it would be, at least i still manage to answer all, even some i may not confident with the answer, but confirm i will pass this test for sure, i think 80% at least.
Yet, whole the half hour of the test, i can't feel that i am sick lor, i think i am recover already, almost....

Seriously disappointing with the HDZone user, some of the spammer keep on scolding the contributor for late post of the file... So, no more 怪谈 after this...maybe there is some people also posting 怪谈, but i believe the quality post by the HDZone contributor is the best i ever had. ALmost 99% of the 怪谈 on the net are origin from HDZone. I manage to find few source today, not from HDZone, but from some of not famous site, but from the preview, i can see the recording quality was #@$%^&* , both video and audio is more worst then youtube, but the file size was almost the same with the HDZone previous one...I rather stop watching then watch this low quality thing. Luckily, HDZone still providing movie and TVB movie~ hehe~
I am looking forward the Transformer II, cause what i watch from PPS previously was totally not really that good in quality.

My hand feel itchy, want to go out for photo shooting, but here no gang of mine here, shooting alone was simply bored...Who can intro photography geek to me? Kampar one....

Early Ride @ Kampar Perdana

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Yesterday night was a long night, i have lots of dreams, or i should said in another term, lots of data input, it's like a very huge screen, with lots of channel broadcast on the screen, all in small small piece, but most of it i can see someone i recognize, i know i recognize, but i forget who already when i wake up... I feel like the night was so long, not same as usual, i feel like i am awaking, and i try to not be awake, but i still awake, till the rain started, and the rain flowing through my window, which left open. Then i wake up and close it, that is the moment i am totally awake, but i didn't check the time. After that i was totally sleep...till morning..

So, today wake up early in the morning around 8.30am. I find out i was still having flu, but getting better already. KL already promise to go eat dim sum with us today. About 9am, i still haven't see any of them down here, they might still sleeping, only ahya staring at her laptop browsing page.

I don't know where come the mood, i feel like want to riding my bike around kampar perdana. It's was a cool fresh morning, because yesterday night have a heavy rain. Everything in the morning was so refreshing, feel good with the fresh air, sunlight that doesn't burn, and the road which have no vehicle on it, everything was so great~ Like this kind of feel~

But something sad, the place i used to take the sun set photo before was already block by a lime wall, i think they are trying to prevent those buffalo from entering there. Why people are so selfish? Such a good view, but you block it up and let it empty there?

Sick jor....

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Today wake up, as what i was resist of, sick .
I have flu... My nose was now red in color... Arggh....
Miss my mom very much, but i dont want go back with these painful face of me make her worried about me. Those time before, when i was sick, she always will be the first who notice it, even before i know myself was sick. She will go any where for help, to make me recover asap, from those "GOD" she believe, from doctor, from auntie-auntie ... I used to scold her everytimes when she went to those temple to get me those "medicine", but deeper in my heart, i can feel her love. Miss you...

Law of Attraction, easy to say, hard to apply. I try not to think that i'm sick. But i just couldn't stop thinking of it. I keep on thinking i want study for my test later after my dinner, but till now i still haven't start any of it.

Yesterday and today, having an assignment discussion with those in the same group with me, they just sit there, dont know what to discuss, or wait someone to talk or giving command. I already tell my self, i dont want to lead already for assignment or else. But in situation like this, i have to lead. I believe they have their own thought and idea about the assignment, but just dont know how to present it, or maybe too shy to say it out. When i try to lead them, i have a kind of strange feeling, not as same as before when i was in TARC or in IOSS, i feel very normal and comfortable to lead or giving command, but here.... dont know...

Jason already confirm with me, that he will open another new branch at kampar, i also already agree to work for him, but he want to to find few more crew of mine to work with him. But currently, those which already contact with me also dont have time for part time jobs like this, they like freedom, they want to work on their own. I also dont know where can i find those people for him right now...

Just now, when i went for dinner at new town, i stuck in a traffic jam on the road from kampar perdana to newtown, Jam from the traffic light at the entrance to the new town, beside the chinese grave there, to the bridge near the malay primary school there... This is the first time i having a traffic jam at kampar. Still not sure what is happening in front there, ahYa said it was an accident, she ride her motorbike for dinner. The actual situation, have to refer to the news already.

I should start my revision for monday test tonight, i shall recover in no time~

The Secret

Posted by wk2u On 7/03/2009 10:08:00 PM 1 comments
I just finish one documentary about the Law of Attraction. It's a law of universe, law which make everything happen. I had really attracted by the law.

Whole the video, keep on repeating "Your wish is my command". I can see lots of method of success and way to success using this law on your life, but i didn't see any scientific explanation for the law. From what i used to know from some of the source from the internet, Law of Attraction actually is a law of a science study field called, quantum mechanism. The quantum mechanism declare that everything around us are just an energy. We, a human actually also is a kind of energy, our creation, such as desk, laptop, cloths,everything, nature creation, trees, plants, all are energy. Because everything is form by molecule which tightly connected with each others and these molecule consist of the atoms which is connected. All these actually is a kind of energy in quantum physic theory. We cannot see them in energy form because our brain has already process these image to a form where we can easily accept or work with it.

So, what is the relationship between these energy and the law of attraction?

Actually what we think in our mind, what we imagine in our mind, all are the energy created, and it did exist in some way. Why?

The movie you watch, is it exist? i didn't mean the content of the movie exist in this real world or not, but the movie you watch may in some form of computer file, where you can copy it from your friends and watch it at your own pc, or maybe in some removable disc format, where you can buy and watch in your dvd player or else. So... does it exist?

If talk about digital format of the movie, i mean computer files, it actually just a bunch of computer data which contain only combination of 1 and 0, it's a kind of electrical signal. If these exist, then why dont your imagination, your thought exist in some certain way of format, where it can process by own brain, and can play it when ever you want, but sometimes, you may forgot, or we talk in a computer way, you don't know where you store the file, so you can't playback the memory.

Now, you did believe that your imagination did exist in some way, so... again, what it do with the law?

So, again, in quantum mechanic field, everything is just an energy in our universe, and actually these energy have some kind of wireless connection with each other, where the energy is gather together with their same kind. For example, when you think that, "oh...today, black friday." so, that day, the following thing that come to you will be those we called is as negative thing, or bad thing. When you think of negative thing, your mind will create these image, these signal, these energy, and these energy attract others of it same kind to you. Your energy will affected by these negative thing whole the day, and you will really gonna have a bad luck. In another way round, if you think that, "Wow, lucky day~" you will gather those positive energy and you will really gonna have a good day, maybe not super good, but at least it's good~

then... why sometimes you think of dont want to fail my exam, but in the end you fail?

In this law, the universe, or the energy just will attract their same kind, but they dont understand wont or dont, because in your imagination, it exist in a bad way, and the energy could know you actually resist it. This is what they called it as "What you resist is what you persist". Every "NO" or "DONT" could understand by the energy. For example, when you say, no war, your mind will for sure pop up those image of the war is happen, so when you think of it, it form the energy. So, next time, when you try to resist of something, think in a positive way, "no war", you can think in "I love Peace" , so in your mind, only those peaceful image will exist, and it will attract same kind of it, so your wish will be granted~

There is still a lot to share about this law, but next time lar...hehe

So...What's next....

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Today i not gonna talk anything about new age, cause whole the world will define me as a psycho later. Back to normal,after i think it almost a week of cool down, i am recovering, but why this time take longer then usual, and lots of question pop up in my mind.

After this incident, i believe there will be crack of relationship between me and some of my friends, maybe an unrecoverable one or maybe not. But i believe they will know me better after this. So as i do.

Something have already done couldn't be undone... Something had already happen as someone wish it to happen and someone cause that to happen. Where something make me see through others heart, and something make others see through mine.

Question still remain unsolved, but i will keep finding the answer. Capture the right angle and right moment~

When silent did make a good environment~

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Since that day, i was switched to the deadly silence mode.
The conversation between my higher self and my conscious mind become more clearer then before. All the way i go through from the silent me(few year back), to the confident me, lost , relationship, again crush with another relationship, and now, back to the original position.
Lots of thing i did learn, i know about desire, i learn about fate, i learn to be ego, and i learn to be un-ego , i learn about religion, i learn about philosophy, and new age.

And if our world is consist of a lots of linear time line, then how would i become in another time line? Is this all i choose to be in this time line? As a geek. Or it's a fate that i already program to run all this command that had already code by THE PROGRAMMER.

If this is the only time line, is there any possible for me to know my future in advance, any worm holes there for me to jump back to my previous time, to prepare my self for all these.

Buddha said that if we can let go of our desire, we can be away from pain, but how to do it?

No pain no gain, but where is my gain?

I meditate all the time, but i never reach the silent in my heart even i already become so silent from outside.

I try to capture my memory from different angle, but none of these angle that make me look better.(Photography)

Law of attraction, base on my current situation, non positive, non negative, non neutral, what will i possibly to attract? Is it i will attract lots of question...?

... ...

I have so many question about my life, about myself....Anything, tomorrow will be another day,hopefully tonight i may get some answer from my subconscious from my dream....
Hope this will be my turning point but not the dead end.

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