Fei's Birthday Video

POSTED BY WK2U ON 6/04/2009

Happy Birthday to Kwai Fei~ Thanks to u for inviting me to ur party. It's an enjoyable night, and i did a lots of try out for my photography skill during ur birthday party, thanks for giving me the chance~

Fei's Birthday

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Posted by Rex On Apr - 20 - 2009

Thanks to Falcon Hive For this new templates. I like it very much~ All the design credited to Falcon Hive

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How to Out of Body?

Posted by wk2u On 4/12/2009

How to out of body? This i also don't know did it work or not, did it really exist such things or not, but from a lots of those who success before, they all admit it, and most of them are doing almost the same thing to out of body. They did mention that you can fly, can travel to some where in a second by just thinking of a place or someone when you are out of body.



Posted by wk2u On 4/23/2009 05:39:00 PM

In 1959, at William Dawes Elementary School in Lexington, Massachusetts, a time capsule containing the students' drawings of their ideas of the future is buried and set to be ceremoniously opened 50 years later. A girl named Lucinda Embry contributes a page full of seemingly random digits. That night, Lucinda is found in a school closet, where her fingers are bloodied and she complains about hearing voices.


The Secret

Posted by wk2u On 7/03/2009 10:08:00 PM
I just finish one documentary about the Law of Attraction. It's a law of universe, law which make everything happen. I had really attracted by the law.

Whole the video, keep on repeating "Your wish is my command". I can see lots of method of success and way to success using this law on your life, but i didn't see any scientific explanation for the law. From what i used to know from some of the source from the internet, Law of Attraction actually is a law of a science study field called, quantum mechanism. The quantum mechanism declare that everything around us are just an energy. We, a human actually also is a kind of energy, our creation, such as desk, laptop, cloths,everything, nature creation, trees, plants, all are energy. Because everything is form by molecule which tightly connected with each others and these molecule consist of the atoms which is connected. All these actually is a kind of energy in quantum physic theory. We cannot see them in energy form because our brain has already process these image to a form where we can easily accept or work with it.

So, what is the relationship between these energy and the law of attraction?

Actually what we think in our mind, what we imagine in our mind, all are the energy created, and it did exist in some way. Why?

The movie you watch, is it exist? i didn't mean the content of the movie exist in this real world or not, but the movie you watch may in some form of computer file, where you can copy it from your friends and watch it at your own pc, or maybe in some removable disc format, where you can buy and watch in your dvd player or else. So... does it exist?

If talk about digital format of the movie, i mean computer files, it actually just a bunch of computer data which contain only combination of 1 and 0, it's a kind of electrical signal. If these exist, then why dont your imagination, your thought exist in some certain way of format, where it can process by own brain, and can play it when ever you want, but sometimes, you may forgot, or we talk in a computer way, you don't know where you store the file, so you can't playback the memory.

Now, you did believe that your imagination did exist in some way, so... again, what it do with the law?

So, again, in quantum mechanic field, everything is just an energy in our universe, and actually these energy have some kind of wireless connection with each other, where the energy is gather together with their same kind. For example, when you think that, "oh...today, black friday." so, that day, the following thing that come to you will be those we called is as negative thing, or bad thing. When you think of negative thing, your mind will create these image, these signal, these energy, and these energy attract others of it same kind to you. Your energy will affected by these negative thing whole the day, and you will really gonna have a bad luck. In another way round, if you think that, "Wow, lucky day~" you will gather those positive energy and you will really gonna have a good day, maybe not super good, but at least it's good~

then... why sometimes you think of dont want to fail my exam, but in the end you fail?

In this law, the universe, or the energy just will attract their same kind, but they dont understand wont or dont, because in your imagination, it exist in a bad way, and the energy could know you actually resist it. This is what they called it as "What you resist is what you persist". Every "NO" or "DONT" could understand by the energy. For example, when you say, no war, your mind will for sure pop up those image of the war is happen, so when you think of it, it form the energy. So, next time, when you try to resist of something, think in a positive way, "no war", you can think in "I love Peace" , so in your mind, only those peaceful image will exist, and it will attract same kind of it, so your wish will be granted~

There is still a lot to share about this law, but next time lar...hehe
    Fei's Birthday  
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