Fei's Birthday Video

POSTED BY WK2U ON 6/04/2009

Happy Birthday to Kwai Fei~ Thanks to u for inviting me to ur party. It's an enjoyable night, and i did a lots of try out for my photography skill during ur birthday party, thanks for giving me the chance~

Fei's Birthday

Zinmag Primus 2 Blogger template

Posted by Rex On Apr - 20 - 2009

Thanks to Falcon Hive For this new templates. I like it very much~ All the design credited to Falcon Hive

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How to Out of Body?

Posted by wk2u On 4/12/2009

How to out of body? This i also don't know did it work or not, did it really exist such things or not, but from a lots of those who success before, they all admit it, and most of them are doing almost the same thing to out of body. They did mention that you can fly, can travel to some where in a second by just thinking of a place or someone when you are out of body.



Posted by wk2u On 4/23/2009 05:39:00 PM

In 1959, at William Dawes Elementary School in Lexington, Massachusetts, a time capsule containing the students' drawings of their ideas of the future is buried and set to be ceremoniously opened 50 years later. A girl named Lucinda Embry contributes a page full of seemingly random digits. That night, Lucinda is found in a school closet, where her fingers are bloodied and she complains about hearing voices.


It's time to awake

Posted by wk2u On 5/26/2010 10:34:00 PM 0 comments

Three weeks of holidays. I was busy with photography, family's problem, relationship problem, and only these few day i really into computing.

First time having such a trip, even thought it's not planing well. Late night chatting for hours,by texting over forum PM. Getting my first macro lens, tripod and camera's bag. Light Painting. First time joining such a large group of photography group for shooting. Even i just following, but i enjoy that kind of environment, where everyones around share the same interests. Days which i busy visiting police station and law firm. First time having a full scale web design jobs to work on(Still pending).

Time flying, and this week is the last week, and i still have pending plan on list. Find my FYP title, planing a trip to any island beside Penang, astrophotography try out, black card photography, learning to write my own drupal module/themes, learning about joomla.

Deep in my heart, I'm not sure that photography come first or computer... I am not experting in either of these field, but i am confusing with my future path, should i continue what am i suppose or choose what i might needed the most? Writing a programs now seem to be like a jobs / assignment to me more than as a hobby, my self was changed, everything around was changed. I wish i could awake soon from this dream, and tell my self what to do next....

Maybe this is what alien looks like~ lol... since it's so near to 21 Dec 2012, it make me think of those UFO, alien thing. It's been awhile since the movie of 2012, and it's was totally covered by the Avatar, which also another kind of new age kind of movie(Dream walker). Feel like all these was the conspiracy theory all at the backstage of these movies, maybe they are bringing us some message, maybe they are try to hiding something...

Another day of Photography

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It's a wonderful day~ I using all my time today mostly for photography... Still trying how to do panning...still learning how to macro, and what am i happy with is the light painting~ it's was fun and easy~ it's seem to be cool as well~
check out my A300 blog, i will post those photo on there soon. I learning all these technique from Fotobeginner. The tutorial from Fotobeginner was simple and easy to understand. I hope they will post more tutorial soon, so i can learn more.

I visited some of those Taiwanese Alpha user blog, and i was amaze by their piece of work. At first, i thought they are using high end lens or high end DSLR... but in the end of the page, i find out they just using the kits lens and A2xx - A5xx series... Not all of them, but at least half of them was. This encourage me to learn more, practice more, and i want to become one of them~ To amaze everyone else...

...Feel like i shouldn't take computer science...lol...

Finally~ It's Over~

Posted by wk2u On 5/11/2010 10:51:00 AM 2 comments
Examination for this semester is all over. Year 2 Sem 3 @ UTAR is now over~ I am now no longer a year two student. To me, this year, year two, is a hard one for me, facing those relationship problem, spiritual problem, and yet, not able to communicate well with people around me. Everytimes, when people talk about end of something, they will wish for something better when the new one start, so do i this time, but i am not wish, i am sure that the coming year, i will doing well. Not all perfect, but at least it's would be something that pleasure me. Time for thank you speach,

I would like to thanks to, Jane, all the cs buddy, HK OBE group~
If it's not all yours help and support,
i will not be here, posting this comment,
i will not be able to see through lots of thing,
i will not be enjoy those days without my partner,
I will not enjoying dreaming that much.
It's year 3 now, my final year, it's time for my Final Year Project... My idea was too much but yet too impossible, and i wish i could get some guidance from you all who ever been go through. I wish i could do something different, but yet... the risk i have to take care of those "different" thing as well... If you have any idea, feel free to share with me~

I'm now feel more lighter, and able to go for more and more shooting trip. Want to go somewhere else beautiful in it's view and yet able to relax my self... So, what's come out from you mind when you saw this sentences? Yup, island~ Wondering which one to go... Any idea?

I was amaze by a backpack guy, who is travel from Malaysia to London, backpack travel, go around all the country in between by just bus and train~ He travel about 34 country in 6 months and used up RM17,000.00. After reaching London, he back to Malaysia by airline~ Wondering how to can survive with anything in his backpack, and the only RM17,000.00 within 6 month across so many country, in so many different places. Wondering if i have the will to do this?

HP Mini

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Getting my HP Mini last Monday (For signing up TM-Net Uni-Pack Streamyx), and by that night, i formated it from Windows 7 Starter to Ubuntu Netbook Ver 10.04. Actually, a 1GB ram, Atom processor netbook, is it really able to run Windows 7 starter? with all those graphical effect on? I don't think so...

After a few day trying out with Ubuntu Netbook version, i feel like i like the normal version more, but the netbook version is somehow a good start for those who wish to try on Ubuntu. With those basic software installed, for sure, no Microsoft Office, you have to use Open Office by Oracle(Sun previously). Most of the function in Microsoft Office was available in Open Office too, the only different is the graphic for Microsoft Office may make it look better than Open Office.

Some trouble for Ubuntu or and Linux, you might need to install all those media files codec first before you could play them, there is an easy solution, install VideoLan media player. Once install, most of those popular codec you need will be available. Movie or video files playing with VideoLan at Ubuntu netbook ver will be laggy if running a busy web browser or lots of program on the background, as you know, i just have 1 GB of ram.

Graphic Design. A replacement for Photoshop in Linux was GIMP, even that it may not have lots of those function or filter in ps, but it's was good among the free photo/graphic editing software. 3D animating, modeling or rendering? Blender~ The only choice for me, i believe.

Programming? Yeah, for web development such as PHP, JSP and so on, the preferable choice still will be XAMPP~ The editor ? As what i used at Desktop version, GEdit, or what we called Notepad in Windows. For ASP? You need to used those Windows simulation software for Linux, to install those Visual Studio, cause i couldn't find any product yet for ASP programming better than Visual Studio. C,C++,Java and so on, all those can be done by Eclipse~

Post my screen shot after my exam, i have AI test tomorrow. Wish i am good luck ~

It's Was 1AM in the morning~

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It's was 1AM in the morning. I still awake, reading those slides for my next exam subject, Multimedia Technology. As my schedule, i should sleep already, and wake up early in the morning, 7AM, for the revision. Seem like my schedule was again, not workable.

Preparing for the examination... I was feel more confusing after reading those notes. A kind of horror cover up my conscious mind, and what in my mind at this moment is all about her. It's make me refreshing even my body was tired, but she keep my mind awake. Thanks.


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其实昨天已经开始看的了,只不过今天才舍得看完。。。PS : 是我的line慢


他讲什么呢? 他说:人生不如意,十常八九。人生,是不是真是这么“衰”啊,其实很多人,人生如意的事,几乎没一半都有四分之一啦,更何况还有一些时间,多数人都处于,没如意,也都没不如意的状态,所以,十除八扣,都剩下一两个不如意,就是说,十件事,其实只有一两件是不如意的事。

听了,想想,真的有些道理。人总是记得不愉快,不开心,不好的;偏偏好的东西都爱把他们抛之脑后。 我就是个好的例子~

为什么我突然用华语写? 因为我要show off 下我的华语啦。

oO ^^ Oo IRex

Morning Kampar

Posted by wk2u On 5/01/2010 09:15:00 AM 1 comments
It's so hot weather at Kampar. Wake up early in the morning, but didn't have the mood to study. Now i miss those free time during training. Everyday wake up in the morning, wake to work, then sit till times up, then walk back for dinner, then doing anything infront of my laptop, even there is no internet connection.

Now, all the time thinking of the exam and FYP. Still not yet figure out the suitable idea for my FYP yet, and not sure who to be my advisor lecturer. I have few idea on my mind, but not sure these idea work out or not, i already try to ask around those forumers comments for my ideas...

So, who have any ideas want to contribute?

oO ^^ Oo IRex

IPON Man 2

Posted by wk2u On 5/01/2010 09:04:00 AM 1 comments

Wondering why so many people are so crazy with this two movie.

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