Fei's Birthday Video

POSTED BY WK2U ON 6/04/2009

Happy Birthday to Kwai Fei~ Thanks to u for inviting me to ur party. It's an enjoyable night, and i did a lots of try out for my photography skill during ur birthday party, thanks for giving me the chance~

Fei's Birthday

Zinmag Primus 2 Blogger template

Posted by Rex On Apr - 20 - 2009

Thanks to Falcon Hive For this new templates. I like it very much~ All the design credited to Falcon Hive

Zinmag Primus

How to Out of Body?

Posted by wk2u On 4/12/2009

How to out of body? This i also don't know did it work or not, did it really exist such things or not, but from a lots of those who success before, they all admit it, and most of them are doing almost the same thing to out of body. They did mention that you can fly, can travel to some where in a second by just thinking of a place or someone when you are out of body.



Posted by wk2u On 4/23/2009 05:39:00 PM

In 1959, at William Dawes Elementary School in Lexington, Massachusetts, a time capsule containing the students' drawings of their ideas of the future is buried and set to be ceremoniously opened 50 years later. A girl named Lucinda Embry contributes a page full of seemingly random digits. That night, Lucinda is found in a school closet, where her fingers are bloodied and she complains about hearing voices.


Post Laju Boleh

Posted by wk2u On 2/28/2010 12:03:00 PM 4 comments

So, it's was 22 Feb 2010, my friend courier me a parcel, using the Post Laju Malaysia. Till last thursday, 25 Feb 2010, i also not yet received my goods. Friday is the public holiday, so i not calling them for the status of my goods, i wait till yesterday, mean 27 Feb 2010. I tried to call their hot line, but no one is picking up... T.T
so, i call my friend ask for the tracking number, and what i found out is the goods already arrive at Kampar by 23 Feb 2010, but till now the items stil not yet deliver till my place. I will call again tomorrow if the goods is still not yet reach... Memang Post Laju Boleh, Malaysia Boleh~

Just get to know from my house mate, they get the delivery card yesterday~27 Feb 2010

Streamyx Slow...

Posted by wk2u On 2/22/2010 03:56:00 AM 0 comments
After a week of chinese new year holiday, i am again back to Kampar, the City of "Education". It's been a while, and i lost my passion for blogging. Now, 22 Feb 2010, 1.08AM , and i'm using the streamyx 1Mbps combo package, and guess what is the test result of my connection at speedtest.net ? !!! I am the only user of the connection right now, no downloading, no uploading, no windows update, no adobe update, no any IM running, no antivirus update, no facebook... The only thing i run is Chrome, with only one tab open, running speedtest.net test for the speed.

Here is the result

If you are ever visited the speedtest site, i believe your question will be, "Why the page like this one?"
No matter how many times i try to restart, how many times i try to refresh the page, CTRL + F5... The most i can get is the result i show above. T.T

I am writing this on the notepad.... -.-" and post using my almost connectionless wiggy

Namewee New Year Video

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Creating Bootable Vista / Windows 7 USB Flash Drive

Posted by wk2u On 2/14/2010 10:55:00 PM 2 comments

Microsoft Provides a tool to do this for you - Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool which is available for download here. If you need instructions on how to use the tool, see the Microsoft Store Help on the ISO-Tool (http://store.microsoft.com/Help/ISO-Tool).

It surprised me to find that there are very few dead-simple guides to creating a bootable USB thumb/pen/flash drive for a Vista and/or Windows 7 installation. I cobbled together the following from VistaPCGuy and another source I don’t remember right now.

This will walk through the steps to create a bootable USB flash drive for the purpose of installing a Vista or Windows 7 OS. These instructions assume that you have a computer with Windows Vista installed on it.


  • USB Flash Drive (4GB+)
  • Microsoft OS Disk (Vista / Windows 7)
  • A computer running Vista / Windows 7

Step 1: Format the Drive
The steps here are to use the command line to format the disk properly using the diskpart utility. [Be warned: this will erase everything on your drive. Be careful.]

  1. Plug in your USB Flash Drive
  2. Open a command prompt as administrator (Right click on Start > All Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt and select “Run as administrator”
  3. Find the drive number of your USB Drive by typing the following into the Command Prompt window:
    list disk

    The number of your USB drive will listed. You’ll need this for the next step. I’ll assume that the USB flash drive is disk 1.
  4. Format the drive by typing the next instructions into the same window. Replace the number “1” with the number of your disk below.
    select disk 1
    create partition primary
    select partition 1
    format fs=NTFS
    When that is done you’ll have a formatted USB flash drive ready to be made bootable.

Step 2: Make the Drive Bootable
Next we’ll use the bootsect utility that comes on the Vista or Windows 7 disk to make the flash drive bootable. In the same command window that you were using in Step 1:

  1. Insert your Windows Vista / 7 DVD into your drive.
  2. Change directory to the DVD’s boot directory where bootsect lives:
    cd d:\boot
  3. Use bootsect to set the USB as a bootable NTFS drive prepared for a Vista/7 image. I’m assuming that your USB flash drive has been labeled disk G:\ by the computer:
    bootsect /nt60 g:
  4. You can now close the command prompt window, we’re done here.

Step 3: Copy the installation DVD to the USB drive
The easiest way is to use Windows explorer to copy all of the files on your DVD on to the formatted flash drive. After you’ve copied all of the files the disk you are ready to go.

Step 4: Set your BIOS to boot from USB
This is where you’re on your own since every computer is different. Most BIOS’s allow you to hit a key at boot and select a boot option.

My Lunch Today

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Hiren's BootCD 10.1

Posted by wk2u On 2/01/2010 01:24:00 AM 1 comments
It's been about three week, i'm back to Kampar. Feel lazy to update my blog, and today i have the mood to post something, and i did find out something useful to share. I am now working part time in a IT retails shop, as a Computer Technician. Even thought most of the time, those machine are fix by my colleague, Jayness, and i was just help on some of those minor cases.

Hiren's BootCD 10.1
A very good utilities CD with lots of checking and diagnostic tools bundle in a single CD image, which cost only about ~200MB. Inside the CD, it's including those popular diagnostic tools such as Memtest86+ 4.00 for memory test, Seagate Seatools Graphical v2.13b and Western Digital Diagnostics (DLGDIAG) 5.04f for hard disk checking, and lots more other tools for both hardware and software check. These are very useful for those technician like me, which might have limited of resources for checking the hardware status. These tools may not help on all the problem, but at least it will be useful when you are having hard time to convince your customer that their hardware are having problem, you can print out the test result from these tools.

    Fei's Birthday  
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